COMPACTGEN names & titles starting with AMESBU

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Baron Amesbury of Kentbury

ex )dundas 29648ab( [F29648a_2]


)amesbu 33255( Charles Dundas, 1. Baron Amesbury of Kentbury [UK1822], b1751 d1832

[N] 1. Baron Amesbury of Kentbury [UK1822, ext]

[S] Burke C3: 115

[S] Burke 5EP: 184

[S] Burke PB1939: 413

[S] PB1970: 397, 2906

_1m {a}

Anne Whitley; of Aston Hall

[N] VN sive Janet

_2m1822 {}

)lauder 33256cbbbf( Margaret Barclay-Maitland, d1841


)amesbu 33255a( Janet Dundas, d1846

[N] FN sive Whitley-Dundas


)deansd 33257( Sir James (Whitley) Deans-Dundas, b1785 d1862