COMPACTGEN names & titles starting with AMWELL

[first uploaded 2014-09-25]


Baron Amwell of Islington

ex )montag 33562a(  [F33562_1]


)amwell 33563( Frederick Montague, 1. Baron Amwell of Islington [UK1947], b1876 d1966

[S] Burke PB1970: 71

_m1911 {ab}

)craig_ 33564a( Constance Mary Craig, d1964

>a Frederick Norman

>b Constance

>c Betty


)amwell 33563a( Frederick Norman Montague, 2. Baron Amwell of Islington [UK1947], b1912 d1990

[S] Burke PB1970: 71

_m1939 {ab}

)founta 33565a( Kathleen Elizabeth Fountain

>a Keith Norman

-b Sheila Elizabeth Montague, b1949


)amwell 33563aa( Keith Norman Montague, 3. Baron Amwell of Islington [UK1947], b1943

[S] Burke PB1999,1: 71

_m1970 {ab}

)palfre 33566a( Mary Palfreyman

-a Ian Keith Montague, b1973

-b Christopher James Montague, b1977


)amwell 33563b( Constance Montague, b1915


Albert Henry [etc] Slade


)amwell 33563c( Betty Montague, b1920


John Forbes Dudley, d1995