COMPACTGEN names & titles starting with ARDGLA

[first uploaded 2015-03-10]


Earl of Ardglass

ex )cromwe 38991aab( [F38991aa_2]


)ardgla 38992( Thomas Cromwell, 1. Earl of Ardglass [Irl1645], b1594 d1653

[N] 1. Viscount Lecale [Irl1624]

[N] 1. Earl of Ardglass [Irl1645 (ecc4-5)]

[N] 5. Baron Cromwell [En1540]

[N] !5. Baron Cromwell [!En1539]

[S] Cokayne CP [2]3[1913, R1987]: 558-559

[S] Burke 5EP: 147

[S] Cokayne 2CP1: 192

[SI] Internet ( file=meverell1.htm)

_m {abcd}

)mevere 38995aaba( Elizabeth Meverell, b~1603 d1653

>a Wingfield

>b Vere Essex

-c Oliver Cromwell

>d Mary


)ardgla 38992a( Wingfield Cromwell, 2. Earl of Ardglass [Irl1645], b1624 d1668

[N] 2. Viscount Lecale [Irl1624]

[N] 6. Baron Cromwell [En1540]

[S] Burke 5EP: 147

_m {a}

)russel 38997c( Mary Russell, d+1687


)ardgla 38992aa( Thomas Cromwell, 3. Earl of Ardglass [Irl1645], b1653 d(o)1682

[N] 3. Viscount Lecale [Irl1624]

[N] 7. Baron Cromwell [En1540]

_m {}

)boyle_ 38998c( Honora Boyle, d1710


)ardgla 38992b( Vere Essex Cromwell, 4. Earl of Ardglass [Irl1645], b1625 d1687

[N] 4. Viscount Lecale [Irl1624; ext]

[N] 4. Earl of Ardglass [Irl1645; ext]

[N] 8. Baron Cromwell [En1540; ext]

[S] Burke 5EP: 147

[S] Cokayne 2CP3: 559

_m1672 {a}

)hamilt 38999eab( Catherine Hamilton


)ardgla 38992ba( Elizabeth Cromwell, [pretend] Baroness Cromwell [!En1639], b1674 d1709


)southw 39001caaa( Edward Southwell, b~1667 d1730


)ardgla 38992d( Mary Cromwell, d1676


)fitzhe 39003aaaaa( William FitzHerbert, b1624 sive b1629 d1697; of Tissington