COMPACTGEN names & titles starting with BALLAC

[first uploaded 2017-03-05]



ex )acton_ 21322aaabac( [F21322aaaba_1]


)ballac 21332( Charles Ball-Acton, b1830 d1897; of Syddon and Egginton House in Leighton Buzzard

[N] FN [Acton, permut1875] Ball-Acton

[S] Burke LG1886(1): 3

[S] Burke 15LG1937: 2531

[S] Burke PB1907: 1817

[S] Burke PB1939: 2458

_m1869 {abcdefg}

)valent 35764d( Georgina Cecilia Annesley, b1841 d1912

-a William Parsons [etc] Ball-Acton, b1871 ??b1883 d1884

-b Charles Annesley Ball-Acton, b1876 d(d)1915; of Kilmacurragh in Rathdrum

>c Reginald Annesley

-d Vere Annesley Ball-Acton, b1879 d(d)1900

>e Evelyn Caroline [etc]

-f Grace Annesley Ball-Acton, d1923

-g Irene Annesley Ball-Acton


)ballac 21332c( Reginald Annesley Ball-Acton, b1877 d(d)1916; of Kilmacurragh

[S] Burke 15LG1937: 2531-2532

_m1913 {a}

Isabel Richmond

-a Charles Ball-Acton, b1914; of Kilmacurragh


)ballac 21332e( Evelyn Caroline [etc] Ball-Acton


Edward Nixon Wynne, d1923; of Wentworth House