COMPACTGEN names & titles starting with BALMER

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Lord Balmerinoch

ex )elphin 56275aac( [F56275aa_1]


)balmer 56276( James Elphinstone, 1. Lord Balmerinoch [Sco1604], b1557 d1612

[N] 1. Lord Balmerinoch [Sco1604 (ecc3-4)]; sive Balmerino

[N] [ex.offic] Lord Innerochtie [Sco1587 (ecc6-7)]

[S] Burke 5EP: 188-189

[S] Cokayne 2CP1: 389-390

[SI41] Internet ( file=menteith01.htm)

_1m1588 {a}

)mentet 49721abab( Sarah Menteith, d1592-1597

_2m-1597 {bcd}

Marjory Maxwell, d+1601

>a John

<b James, vide )coupar 26059(

>c Anne

>d Mary


)balmer 56276a( John Elphinstone, 2. Lord Balmerinoch [Sco1604], d1649 (ecc8-9)

[S] Burke 5EP: 189

[S] Cokayne 2CP1: 390

_m(c1613) {a}

)ker___ 33885bai( Anne Ker, d1650 (ecc9-0)



)balmer 56276aa( John Balmerinoch, 3. Lord Balmerinoch [Sco1604], b1623 d1704

[N] 2. Lord Coupar [Sco1607]

[S] Burke 5EP: 189

[S] Cokayne 2CP1: 390

_1649 {a}

)loudou 55584c( Margaret Campbell, d1665



)balmer 56276aaa( John Elphinstone, 4. Lord Balmerinoch [Sco1604], b1652 d1736

[N] 4. Lord Balmerinoch [Soc1604; sive Balmerino

[N] 3. Lord Coupar [Sco1607]

[S] Burke 5EP: 189

[S] Cokayne CB2: 346

[S] Cokayne 2CP1: 391

_1m1672 {abcde}

)eglint 16214af( Christian Montgomery

_2m1687 {fg}

)rose__ 53077a( Anne Rose, d(s1712)

-a (m) Elphinstone, d-1708

-b Hugh Elphinstone, [hon] Master of Balmerinoch, d(cdv)1708

>c James

>d Margaret

>e Jean

>f Arthur

-g Alexander Elphinstone, d(c)1733



)balmer 56276aaac( James Elphinstone, 5. Lord Balmerinoch [Sco1604], b1675 d(o)1746

[N] 4. Lord Coupar [Sco1607]

_m(c1718) {}

)northe 55314aaad( Elizabeth Carnegie, b(c1699) d1767



)balmer 56276aaad( Margaret Elphinstone


)presto 56040aaa( Sir John Preston, 4. Baronet [of Airdrie] [Sco1628], d-1701



)balmer 56276aaae( Jean Elphinstone, d1739


moray_ 39963aabd( Francis Stuart, 7. Earl of Moray [Sco1563], b~1674 d1739



)balmer 56276aaaf( Arthur Elphinstone, 6. Lord Balmerinoch [Sco1604], b1688 d(eo)1746

[N] 6. Lord Balmerinoch [Sco1604; forf]

[N] 5. Lord Coupar [Sco1607; forf]

_m {}

Margaret Chalmers, b~1709 d1765



)balmer 56276c( Anne Elphinstone


)fraser 56277a( Andrew Fraser, 2. Lord Fraser [Sco1633], d1656-1658 !d1674



)balmer 56276d( Mary Elphinstone


John Hamilton