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Viscount Bayning of Foxley

Viscount Bayning of Sudbury




)baynin 34844( Paul Bayning, d1616

[S] Burke 5EP: 29

[S] Cokayne 2CP2: 37

_1m {}


_2m {a}

)norden 64386a( Susanna Norden

<a Paul, vide )baynin 34845(


Viscount Bayning of Foxley

ex )baynin 34845c( [F34845_1]


)baynin 34846( Anne Bayning, Viscountess Bayning of Foxley [En1674], b(c1619) d1678 !d1698

[N] Viscountess Bayning of Foxley [En1674 pers]

[S] Burke 2EB: 47

[S] Burke 5EP: 29, 390

[S] Cokayne 2CP2: 35-36


)murray 29004abbca( Henry Murray, d1638-1672


)baber_ 21714abcac( Sir John Baber, b1625 d(s1709) sive d(s1704); of Covent Garden


Viscount Bayning of Sudbury

ex )baynin 34844a( [F34844_2]


)baynin 34845( Paul Bayning, 1. Viscount Bayning of Sudbury [En1628], b(c1588) d1629

[N] 1. Viscount Bayning of Sudbury [En1628 (ecc7-8)]

[N] 1. Baron Bayning of Horkesley [En1628 (ecc7-8)]

[N] 1. Baronet of Bentley Parva] [En1611 (ecc1-2)]

[N] Knight [1614]

[S] Burke 2EB: 47

[S] Burke 5EP: 29

[S] Cokayne 2CP1: 133

[S] Vokayne 2CP2: 37

_m-1613 {abcde}

)glemha 56369ab( Anne Glemham, 1639 (ecc8-9)

>a Paul

>b Cecilia

<c Anne, vide )baynin 34846(

>d Mary

<e Elizabeth, vide )shepey 34847(


)baynin 34845a( Paul Bayning, 2. Viscount Bayning of Sudbury [En1628], b(c1616 (ecc5-6)) d1638

[N] FN sive Banning

[N] 2. Viscount Bayning of Sudbury [En1628; ext]

[N] 2.  Baron Bayning of Horkesley [En1628; ext]

[N] 2. Baronet [of Bentley Parva] [En1611; ext]

[S] Burke 2EB: 47

[S] Burke 5EP: 29

[S] Cokayne 2CP2: 37-38

_m1624 {ab}

)naunto 39628adaa( Penelope Naunton, b(c1620) d-1647

>a Anne

>b Penelope


)baynin 34845aa( Anne Bayning, b1637 d(o)(s1659)


)oxford 64387aa( Aubrey de Vere, 20. Earl of Oxford [En1142], b~1626 d1702


)baynin 34845ab( Penelope Bayning, b(p)1638 d(o)(s1657)


)pembro 17271abe( John Herbert


)baynin 34845b( Cecilia Bayning


)dorche 64389( Henry Pierrepont, 1. Marquess of Dorchester [En1645], b1607 d1680


)baynin 34845d( Mary Bayning, b~1623 d1671


)grandi 19799( William Villiers, 2. Viscount Grandison of Limerick [Irl1621], b1614 d(d)1643


)angles 34779a( Charles Villiers, 2. Earl of Anglesey [En1623], b~1627 d(o)1661 (ecc0-1) sive d1659)


)gorges 64390cba( Arthur Gorges, b1629 d(o)1668; of Gorges House