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Prince de Bénévent

di Benevento


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Prince de Bénévent

ex )talley 29246bb(  [F29246b_1]


)beneve 1(© Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, 1. Prince de Bénévent [Fr1806], b1754 d1838

[N] FN de Talleyrand-Périgord; dict Prince de Talleyrand

[N] 1. Prince de Bénévent [Fr1806], sive Prince-Duc de Bénévent

[N] Pair de France [1814 pers]

[N] 1. Duca di Dino [DS1815 sive DS1818 hered.spec], ??1. Duc de Dino [Fr1817]

[N] 1. Duc de Talleyrand [Fr1818] et Pair de France

[N] Évêque d' Autun [1789, res1791]

[N] Chevalier Grand Croix [LH1805]

[N] Caballero [TO1814]

[N] Ritter [SA1805]

[N] Chevalier [OR1820]

[S] Bulletin LF 7,10[1820]: 683

[S] Courcelles DUF 2[1820]: 145

[S] Courcelles HPF 8[1827]: 282-283

[SI] Internet (

_1m1802 {}

Catherine Noele Verlee, b1762 d1835

[N] FN sive sive Worlee

_2m(i) {a}

)filleu 1ab( Adélaïde Emilie Filleul, b1761 d1836

<a © Charles, vide )flahau 2(


di Benevento


Rofrit di Benevento

[S] Stuart 2RC: 205

_m {a}



)beneve 3a( (f) di Benevento


)capua_ 17881( Landolfo I. 1. Principe di Capua, d0842