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Benn-Walsh, Baronet [of Aramthwaite]


Benn-Walsh, Baronet [of Aramthwaite]

ex )benn__ 71490a( [F71490_1]


)bennwa 71491(Sir John Benn-Walsh, 1. Baronet [of Aramthwaite] [UK1804], b1759 d1825

[N] 1. Baronet [of Aramthwaite] [UK1804]; sive Omathwaite

[N] FN [Benn, permut] Benn-Walsh

[S] Burke PB1939: 1899

[SI] Internet ( db=t_h_davies)

_m {ab}

)fowke_ 71496f( Margaret Fowke, b1758 d1836

<a John, vide )ormath 59037(

>b Elizabeth


)bennwa 71491b( Elizabeth Benn-Walsh, d1855


Charles George Digby