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Lord Crone


Lord Crone


)crone_ 67985( Matthew Crone, 1. Lord Crone [pIrl1728], d+1742

[N] FN Es= Cron

[N] 1. Lord Crone [pIrl1728 (ecc7-8)]

[S] Cokayne CP [2]3[1913]: 559

[S] Ruvigny JP [1904&R1974]: 39

[SI] Internet (

_m {a}



Gaspar de Cron y Feixas, d(v)1732

[N] !Conde de Cron

[SI] Internet (

_m {a}

Antonia de Dalmases y Vilana

<a Gaspar, vide )cron__ 783(