COMPACTGEN names & titles starting with IANSON

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)ianson 35781( John I’Anson

[S4439] Hutchins HAD [3]1[1861]: 546

_m {a}



James I’Anson; of Hawkeswell

[S4439] Hutchins HAD [3]1[1861]: 546

_m {a}

Anne Carlisle


Brian I’Anson, b~1559 d+1633; of Ashby Ledgers and Bassettsbury

[S] Cokayne CB3: 13

[S4439] Hutchins HAD [3]1[1861]: 546

_m {abcdefgijkl}

Anne Lee

-a (m) Anson

<b Brian, vide )ianson 35782(

>c Anne

-d Elizabeth I’Anson

-e Hannah I’Anson

-f Margaret I’Anson

-g Elizabeth I’Anson

>i John

-j Clement I’Anson, d(o)

-k Richard I’Anson, d(o)

-l James I’Anson, d(o)


)ianson 35781aac( Anne I’Anson


Robert Thorpe


)ianson 35781aai( John I’Anson, d+1633; of Ashby Legers

[S4439] Hutchins HAD [3]1[1861]: 546

_1m {ab}

)stone_ 58068b( Susan Stone

_2m {cd}

Thomazin Oldfield

>a Ann

>b Bryan

-c John I’Anson

-d Mary I’Anson


)ianson 35781aaia( Ann I’Anson


Thomas Essington; of London


)ianson 35781aaib( Bryan I’Anson, b~1616 d1681; of Ashby Legers

[S4439] Hutchins HAD [3]1[1861]: 546

_m {abcdefghijklmn}

Mary Williams, b~1647 d+1682

-a Mary I’Anson, d(c)

-b Susannah I’Anson

-c Anne I’Anson

-d Elizabeth I’Anson

-e Barbara I’Anson

-f John I’Anson, d(c)

>g Bryan

-h Edward I’Anson, b~1662

-i Thomas I’Anson, b~1664

-j George I’Anson

-k Charles I’Anson

-l Charles I’Anson

-m William I’Anson

-n John I’Anson


)ianson 35781aaibg( Bryan I’Anson, b1657; of Ashby Legers

[S4439] Hutchins HAD [3]1[1861]: 546

_m {}

Hester Saunders


I’Anson, Baronet [of Ashby Ledgers]

ex )ianson 35781aab(  [F35781aa_1]


)ianson 35782( Sir Brian I’Anson, 1. Baronet [of Ashby Ledgers] [En1652], b~1590 d1663-1666

[N] of Ashby Ledgers and London

[N] Knight [?-1623]

[S] Burke PB1939: 2131

[S] Cokayne CB3: 13

[S4439] Hutchins HAD [3]1[1861]: 546

_m-1616 {abcdefghijklmnop}

Mary Bryars, d1633-1666

[N] FN sive Breres

>a Henry

>b Brian

-c Frances I’Anson

-d Mary I’Anson

-e Anne I’Anson

-f William I’Anson

-g James I’Anson

-h Nathaniel I’Anson

-i John I’Anson, d(j)

>j Dorcas


)ianson 35782a( Sir Henry I’Anson, [jur] 2. Baronet [of Ashby Ledgers] [En1652], b~1617 d~1684

[S] Cokayne CB3: 13

[S4439] Hutchins HAD [3]1[1861]: 546

_m-1647 {a}

Mary Elmes; of Bowney


)ianson 35782aa( Sir Thomas I’Anson, 3. Baronet [of Ashby Ledgers] [En1652], b~1648 d1707

[N] of New Bounds in Tunbridge

[S] Cokayne CB3: 13

[S4439] Hutchins HAD [3]1[1861]: 546

_m~1696 {ab}

)rokeby 58070f( Dorothy Rokeby, b1674 d1744

-a Rokeby I’Anson, b~1698 d(v)~1698

>b Thomas

>c Dorothy

-d Emma I’Anson, b~1699 d~1735

-e William I’Anson, d(o)~1729

-f Bryan I’Anson


)ianson 35782aab( Sir Thomas I’Anson, 4. Baronet [of Ashby Ledgers] [En1652], b~1701 d1764

[S] Burke LG1886,1: 80

[S] Cokayne CB3: 13

[S4439] Hutchins HAD [3]1[1861]: 546

_m17234 {abcdefgh}

)bankes 31556aaaac( Mary Bankes, d1774

>a Thomas Bankes

>b John

>c Margaret

-d Mary I’Anson, b1725 d~1725

-e D. I’Anson

-f James I’Anson, b1730 d(j)

-g Sophia I’Anson, b1731 d(j)

>h Henry


)ianson 35782aaba( Sir Thomas Bankes I’Anson, 5. Baronet [of Ashby Ledgers] [En1652], b1724 d1799

[S] Cokayne CB3: 14

[S4439] Hutchins HAD [3]1[1861]: 546

_m1753 {ab}

Mary Hayter, d1782

-a John Bankes

-b Thomas I’Anson, b1767 d1789


Sir John Bankes I’Anson, 6. Baronet [of Ashby Ledgers] [En1652], b1759 d(c)(s1799)

[N] VN !Henry Bankes

[N] 6. Baronet [of Ashby Ledgers] [En1652, ?ext]

[S4439] Hutchins HAD [3]1[1861]: 546


)ianson 35782aabb( Sir John I’Anson, ?7. Baronet [of Ashby Ledgers] [En1652], b1733 d?1799

[N] ?7. Baronet [of Ashby Ledgers] [En1652, ext]

[S] Cokayne CB3: 14

[S4439] Hutchins HAD [3]1[1861]: 546

_1m1762 {a}

Mary Fyler, b~1738 d1765

_2m1766 {}

Mary Harpur


)ianson 35782aabba( Mary I’Anson, b1761 d1794


Samuel Fyler; of Twickenham


)ianson 35782aabc( Margaret I’Anson


)annesl 31577a( © James Annesley, [pretend] Earl of Anglesey [En1661], d(o)1763


Henry I’Anson, b1734

[S4439] Hutchins HAD [3]1[1861]: 546

_m1764 {}

Margaret Bazely


Dorothy I’Anson, b1705 d(o)


John Parry


)ianson 35782b( Brian I’Anson, d+1640

[N] Grande de España

[S] Burke PB1939: 2131

[S4439] Hutchins HAD [3]1[1861]: 546

_m {a}

Beatriz Rico


)ianson 35782ba( Francisca Maria I’Anson


)rumbol 35883ab( Henry Rumbould, b(c1618) d1690


)ianson 35782j( Dorcas I’Anson


)doding 58069( Sir Francis Dodington; of Dodington