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Baron Invernairn, of Strathnairn

Duke of Inverness


Baron Invernairn, of Strathnairn

ex )beardm 64564a( [F64564_1]


)invern 42127( William Beardmore, 1. Baron Invernairn, of Strathnairn [UK1921], b1856 d1936

[N] 1. Baron Invernairn of Strathnairn [UK1921; ext]

[N] 1. Baronet [of Flichity] [UK1914; ext]

[S] Debrett PB 134[1936]: P547

_m1902 {}

)tullis 64565a( Elspeth Stiven Tullis


Duke of Inverness

ex )arran_ 4688an( [F4688a_3]


)invern 4212( Cecilia (Letitia) Underwood, 1. Duchess of Inverness [UK1840], b~1785 d(o)1873

[N] 1. Duchess of Inverness [UK1840; ext]

[S] Burke PB1939: 149

[S] Cokayne 2CP7: 69


)buggin 42132a( Sir George Buggin, b~1760 d1825


)sussex 42129( Augustus (Frederick) Prince of Great Britain and Ireland, 1. Duke of Sussex [UK1801], b1773 d1843