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Marchese di Melati


Marchese di Melati [1616.1]

ex )gandol 71264a(  [F71264_1]


)melati 71265( Antonio Marchese Gandolfi, 1. Marchese di Melati [Man1616]

[SI] Internet ( d’Oro/gandolfi.html) via


Marchese di Melati [1616.2]

ex )gazzel 71268bca(  [F71268bc_1]


)melati 71269( John Vincent Marchese Gandolfi, 11. Marchese di Melati [Man1616], b1737 d1816

[N] 7. Conte di Gazzelli and Chiosanica [Sav1636]

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_1m1769 {a}

Anna Maria Hinde, d1842

[N] FN sive Hind

_2m {bcdef}

Mary Hyde

>a John Vincent

-b Joseph Marchese Gandolfi

-c Pietro Marchese Gandolfi, d(c); frelig

-d Francis Marchese Gandolfi, d(c)

-e Louisa Gandolfi, d(c)

-f Maria Gandolfi, d(c)


)melati 71269a( John Vincent Marchese Gandolfi, 12. Marchese di Melati [Man1616], b1771 d1818

[N] FN !Vincent-Gandolfi

[N] 8. Conte di Gazzelli and Chiosanica [Sav1636]

[S] Burke C 1[1836]: 82

[S] Burke PB 105[1970]: 2509

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_m1808 {abc}

)hornyo 71262ab( © Teresa Hornyold, b1787

>a © Maria (Teresa)

>b © John Vincent

-c Teresa Gandolfi, d(c)1905; relig


)melati 71269aa( © Maria (Teresa) Gandolfi, b1809 d1876


)fitzhe 29676aabe( © Francis FitzHerbert, b1796 d1856


)melati 71269ab( © John Vincent Marchese Gandolfi-Hornyold, 13. Marchese di Melati [Man1616], b1818 d1902

[N] [Marchese Gandolfi; permut1859] Gandolfi-Hornyold

[N] 9. Conte di Gazzelli and Chiosanica [Sav1636]

[N] Cavaleiro Gran-Cruz [Cs1840]

[S] Burke LG 18,2[1969]: 317

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_m1846 {abcdefg}

)stourt 71249a( © Charlotte Mary Langdale, b1819 d1907 sive d1868

-a © Gertrude Mary Gandolfi-Hornyold, d(c)1937; relig

<b © Thomas Charles, vide )gandol 71263(

>c © Mary

-d © Vincent (Joseph) Marchese Gandolfi-Hornyold, b1849 d(c)1929; relig

>e © Alfred (Joseph)

-f © Joseph Marchese Gandolfi-Hornyold, b1852 d1859

-g © Charlotte Mary Gandolfi-Hornyold, d(c)1935; relig


)melati 71269abc( © Mary Gandolfi-Hornyold, d1946


Hubert Tichborne Hibbert, d1879


)melati 71269abe( © Alfred (Joseph) Marchese Gandolfi-Hornyold, b1850 d1922

[N] Knight [M]

[S] Burke PB 107,1[1999]: 601

[S] Burke LG 18,2[1969]: 317

[SI] Internet (

_m1888 {ab}

Alice Bertrand de la Chere

>a © Henry Albert

>b © Dorothy


)melati 71269abea( © Henry (Albert) Marchese Hornyold-Strickland, b1890

[N] FN [Gandolfi-Hornyold, permut1932] Hornyold-Strickland

[SI] Internet ( d’Oro/gandolfi.html) via

_m1920 {}

)catena 71269c( Mary Cristina Strickland, b1896


)melati 71269abeb( © Dorothy Gandolfi-Hornyold, d1918


)cliffo 46504da( © Charles Hugh Oswald Clifford, 11. Baron Clifford of Chudleigh [En1672], b1887 d1962



Burke LG 18,2[1969]

Burke’s [edited by Peter Townend]

Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry

Eighteenth Edition. Volume Two. London 1969