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Baron Mendip, of Mendip; with LoS




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Barons Mendip, of Mendip


Welbore Ellis, b1661-1662

├─Welbore Ellis, 1. Baron Mendip, of Mendip [GB1794], b1713 d(o)1802

└─Anne Ellis, d1761

├─James Agar, 1. Viscount Clifden, of Gowran [Irl1781], d1789

│ ├─Henry (Welbore) Agar-Ellis, 2. Viscount Clifden, of Gowran [Irl1781], 2. Baron Mendip, of Mendip [GB1794], b1761 d1836

│ │ └─George James [etc] Agar-Ellis, 1. Baron Dover, of Dover [UK1831], b1797 d(v)1833

│ │ ├─Henry Agar-Ellis, 3. Viscount Clifden, of Gowran [Irl1781], 3. Baron Mendip, of Mendip [GB1794], 1825 d1866

│ │ │ └─Henry George Agar-Ellis, 4. Viscount Clifden, of Gowran [Irl1781], 4. Baron Mendip, of Mendip [GB1794], b1863 d1895

│ │ └─Leopold Agar-Ellis, 5. Viscount Clifden, of Gowran [Irl1781], 5. Baron Mendip, of Mendip [GB1794], b1829 d1899

│ └─Charles Bagenal Agar, b1769 d1811

└─Thomas James Robartes-Agar, 1. Baron Robartes, of Lanhydrock and Truro [UK1869], b1808 d1882

└─Thomas Charles Robartes-Agar, 6. Viscount Clifden, of Gowran [Irl1781], 6. Baron Mendip, of Mendip [GB1794], b1844 d1930

├─Francis Gerald Robartes-Agar, 7. Viscount Clifden, of Gowran [Irl1781], 7. Baron Mendip, of Mendip [GB1794], b1883 d(c)1966

└─Arthur Victor Agar-Robartes, 8. Viscount Clifden, of Gowran [Irl1781], 8. Baron Mendip, of Mendip [GB1794], b1887 d1974

└─Charles Agar, 1. Earl of Normanton [Irl1806], b1736 d1809

└─Welbore Ellis Agar, 2. Earl of Normanton [Irl1806], b1778 d1868

└─James Agar, 3. Earl of Normanton [Irl1806], b1818 d1896

└─Sidney James Agar, 4. Earl of Normanton [Irl1806], b1865 d1933

└─Edward John Sidney Christian Welbore Ellis Agar, 5. Earl of Normanton [Irl1806], b1910 d1967

└─Shaun James Christian Welbore Ellis Agar, 6. Earl of Normanton [Irl1806], 9. Baron Mendip, of Mendip [GB1794], b1945


Baron Mendip, of Mendip

ex )ellis_ 23569ia(


)mendip 1( Welbore Ellis, 1. Baron Mendip, of Mendip [GB1794], b1713 d(o)1802

[N] Baron Mendip, of Mendip [GB1794]; spec= failing heirs male of his body to the three elder sons of his sister Anne

[S] Burke C 3[1838]: 554

[S] Burke C 4[1838]: 198

[S] Cokayne CP [1]5[1893]: 295-296

[S] Cokayne CP [2]8[1932]: 657-658

_1m1747 {}

)cheste 17276bacca( Elizabeth Stanhope, d(o)1761

_2m1765 {}

)stanle 58551cbaab( Anne Stanley, b~1725 d(o)1803