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More-O’Ferrall [1]

ex )oferra 65584aaa(  [F65584aa_1]


)moreof 65586( Richard (More) More-O’Ferrall, b1797 d1880; of Balyna

[N] FN [More; permut] More-O’Ferrall

[N] of Balyna; sive Ballyna

[S] Burke LGI 10[1912]: 529

[S] Burke LG1886,1: 294

_m1839 {ab}

)southw 59800aaf( © Matilda Maria Southwell, d1882

>a © Ambrose

>b © Maria Anne


)moreof 65586a( © Ambrose More-O’Ferrall, b1846 d1911; of Balyna

[N] of Balyna; sive Ballyna

[S] Burke LGI 10[1912]: 529

[S] Burke LG1886,1: 294

_m1872 {abc}

)gordon 54505g( © Jessie Frances Gordon-Canning

>a © Mabel

-b © Violet More-O’Ferrall, b1874

>c © Alice


)moreof 65586aa( © Mabel More-O’Ferrall, b1873


E. J. C. Dease


)moreof 65586ac( © Alice More-O’Ferrall, b1880


Alexander Lattin Mansfield


)moreof 65586b( © Maria (Anne) More-O’Ferrall

[N] VN sive Mary


)nugent 65588d( © Sir Walter George Nugent, 2. Baronet [of Donore] [UK1831], b1827 d1893


More-O’Ferrall [2]

ex )oferra 65584aaba(  [F65584aab_1]


)moreof 65587( Edward (Gerald) More-O’Ferrall, b1846; of Balyna and Lisard

[N] FN [More; permut] More-O’Ferrall

[S] Burke LGI 10[1912]: 529

_m1871 {abc}

)lamber 51977aabaaf( © Juliana Margaret Lambert

-a © John More-O’Ferrall, b1872

>b © Gerald More

>c © Ellen Letitia


)moreof 65587b( © Gerald More More-O’Ferrall, d1951; of Lisard in Edgeworthstown

[S] Burke LGI 10[1912]: 529

_m1907 {a}

)leinst 33086bbabb( © Geraldine Mary FitzGerald, b1881 d1954

-a © Edward George More-O’Ferrall, b1908


)moreof 65587c( © Ellen Letitia More-O’Ferrall


Charles Hugh O’Conor


More-O’Ferrall [3]

ex )oferra 65584aaea(  [F65584aae_1]



)moreof 30016( Dominic (More) More-O’Ferrall, b1854; of Kildangan

[N] FN [More; permut] More-O’Ferrall

[S] Burke LGI 10[1912]: 529

_m1898 {abc}

Annie MacDonnell

[N] FN sive McDonnell

-a Roderic Charles More-O’Ferrall, b1903

>b Francis Ambrose

-c Edward Roger More-O’Ferrall, b1906




)moreof 30016b( Francis Ambrose More-O’Ferrall, b1904 d1976

[S] Burke PB 105[1970]: 2523

_m1947 {abc}

)mather 65589a( Angela Mary Mather-Jackson, b1925

>a Susan Angela

>b Theresa Mary

-c Emma Rose More-O’Ferrall, b1956



)moreof 30016ba( Susan Angela More-O’Ferrall, b1948


)beaver 26297ac( © Maxwell William Humphrey Aitken, 3. Baron Beaverbrook, of Beaverbrook and of Cherkley [UK1917], b1951


)moreof 30016bb( Theresa Mary More-O’Ferrall, b1950


)allend 30005aaa( © Wentworth Beaumont, 4. Viscount Allendale of Allendale and Hexham [UK1911], b1948