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Baron d’ Oppuers




Baron d’ Oppuers

ex )snoy__ 1aabab(


)oppuer 36100( © Jean Charles Snoy, 1. Baron d’ Oppuers [SN1664], d1689

[N] [Terre d’ Oppuers, transf] Baronnie d’ Oppuers [SN1664, res1683]

[N] Seigneur d’Elsbroeck, Calster et Langerhage

[S] Vegiano SNPB 2,4[1779]: 45-46

[S] Annuaire NB 11[1857]: 184-185

_m1646 {abcdefghi}

)steela 4abbaaa( © Jaqueline Isabelle de Steelant, d1687; d’ Hoirzeele

>a © Jean Jaques Antoine

<b © Jean Charles, vide )hoirze 1(

-c © Philippe Adrien Snoy, b1653; relig

>d © Marie Chétienne

>e © Walburge Thérèse

-f © Charles Claude Dominique Snoy, b1657

-g © Lancelot Joseph Snoy, b1658

-h © (m) Snoy, b1660

-i © Jean Snoy, b(c1655)


)oppuer 36100a( © Jean Jaques Antoine Snoy, 2. Baron d’ Oppuers [SN1664], d1691; d’ Elsbroeck

[N] 2. Baron d’ Oppuers [SN1664; succ.vit1683]

[S] Vegiano SNPB 2,4[1779]: 46-47

[S] Vegiano NPB 2[1760]: 438

[S] Herckenrode NPB 2[1865]: 958

[S] Annuaire NB 11[1857]: 185

_m1682 {a}

)poeder 1a( Marie Walburge de Steenhuys, d1709


)oppuer 36100aa( © Charlotte Marie FlorenceSnoy, 3. Baronne d’ Oppuers [SN1664], d+1743

[N] VN sive Marie Charles


)avelin 50993a( Charles Philippe Hangouart, 2. Comte d’ Avelin [SN1696], d1753 sive d1749


)oppuer 36100d( © Marie Chrétienne Snoy, b1656 d1695

[N] VN sive Marie Christine


)couden 36084aah( © Charles Edouard de Coudenhove


)oppuer 36100e( © Walburge Thérèse Snoy, b1659


Charles Cattaneo della Volta