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Riggs-Miller, Baronet [of Ballycasey]


Riggs-Miller, Baronet [of Ballycasey]

ex )miller 64760ab( [F64760a_1]


)riggsm 64761( Sir John Riggs-Miller, 1. Baronet [Irl1778] [of Ballycasey], d1798

[N] FN [Miller; permut] Riggs-Miller

[SI41] Internet ( file=mzmisc10.php)

_1m1765 {a}

Anne Riggs, d1781

_2m1795 {}

Jane, d-1826; 1m Sir Thomas Davenport


)riggsm 64761a( Sir John Riggs-Miller, 2. Baronet [Irl1778] [of Ballycasey], b1770 d(l)1825

[N] 2. Baronet [Irl1778; ext] [of Ballycasey]

_1m1801 {}

)beauch 64759acaa( Ellen Beauchamp, b(c1778) d(o)1860

_2m(i) {a}

(f) ?Manvers