I join to Franšois R. Velde although the aims of his site www.heraldica.org and my site compactgen.com are not identical:


This site tries to present facts and references. In the selection and presentation of the facts, my opinions, judgments and preconceptions are bound to play a role. Furthermore, there are several controversial subjects (on regulations or evaluation of nobility, on orders of knighthood, on certain institutions expecially on fontes honorum) on which I express my beliefs.


The opinions are mine. Although I cite various references, sources or individuals in presenting supporting evidence, they cannot be held responsible for the opinions I hold.


I do not intend to link to other internet sites. If there is referred an internet site the single purpose is to mention my source, not to identify myself with opinions, facts, falsifications or errors.


I found to join the disclaimer of roglo.eu also:


This website is not an authorised reference source and may contain errors. Information is provided herein without any guarantee. Please verify it against reliable references before use. I cannot be held responsible for any errors that may be contained herein.


This disclaimer applies to the contents of the whole site.