On this website, genealogical data mainly of the European nobility are presented in a compact way, only regarding the essentials.


Regarded as essential data, being sufficient to describe a person, are:


(first) name and surname


year of birth, death and marriage,

but also


titles of nobility including their source (fons honorum) and the year of creation,


orders of knighthood (national rank of knight) and the year of promotion,

in any case


references of literature and the internet giving further information if required. Therefore, the here presented data can be regarded as genealogical bibliography.


If you regarded the data given as insufficient, you might be right, but you should look e.g. into genealogies of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and you would find the data there even poorer which means no details are available.


The genealogies of this website are compilations of other genealogical works or websites. In general, there hasn’t been an examination of the correctness of different data for one and the same fact. Therefore, if a datum cannot be declared as error of printing or in other way as erroneous, the data for the same fact are cumulated (sive“). Data or genealogical correlations known as false are quoted, but signed as false (“!“) or doubtful (”??”).


As long as the references of the genealogical data are not quoted in the files, they can be requested by eMail (rainer at compactgen.com). German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch may be used but please allow my answer will be in English or German.


Adjustments and supplements are more than welcome. If you can help to improve my presentation, please send an eMail to rainer at compactgen.com. In case it should be more than an adjustment of an evident mistake, please mention the reference, preferrably by pdf-file of the concerning book page or HTML-file of the concerning website.